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blitzer in the shutation room, it starts right now. >> fear the u.s. could soon be facing yet another credit downgrade. eyes and pressure on the congressional super committee. stand by. new information coming in. also, u.s. troops weeks away from leaving iraq. will iran move to fill some sort of void? i will talk about that and more this hour. with iraq's ambassador to the united states. he has strong views. >>> and karl rove warning rick perry is making a big mistake by signing on to one controversial issue many people thought would settle. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the "the situation room." >>> president obama is going around congress for his latest plan. he is out west focusing in on the ongoing housing crisis that continues to drag down the u.s. economy. he wants it make it easier for a homeowners who are under water to refinance and he is unveiling his plan in one of hardest hit housing markets in the country. we are talking about las vegas nevada. jessica is joining us now with details. jessica, what is the president doing? >> he is rolling out a new plan to help homeowners dr
have a dream" speech which so many of us remember. as i was growing up, i watched the riots unfold here in washington when he was shot and how much turmoil there was right here in this city. remember, my mother rushed me out of the city to get me away from the riots that unfolded right there as people tried to grapple with the fact that they had lost the legacy and the life of dr. martin luther king jr. i'll tell you, one of the things that comes to mind right now is what he said during that famous i i have a dream" speech, he said i have a dream that my four children, one day my four children will be able to have friends and who will judge them not for the color of their skin but the content of their character. that resonates with me even today with children of my own and seeing how they embrace people from a multitude of lifestyles and races and ethnicities and it just shows you that dream is coming to fruition. but bernice king has more to say about that and what her father's legacy means for her and the world. >> this is a day that all americans can be proud of. may i remind you th
of fame here on cnn, thanks to us. that's your political pop here on monday. >>> thanks for watching. i'm brooke baldwin here in atlanta. live in "the situation room," the man who used to work out with president obama, jon huntsman now want his woman. t"the situation room" now starting with wolf blitzer. >> a program raising new concerns about cyber attacks, experts are washing, this virus may be just the beginning. >>> also, another troubled government investment comes to light. details of what happened to another green company after it received millions of dollars. >>> i'll talk about that an much more with the other mormon candidate, jon huntsman. he joins us live this hour. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >>> it's one of the u.s. military's most important weapons systems playing a critical role in the fight against terror. and now there's new growing concern over the computers that concern drone aircraft. they're infected with a persistent virus but it is only part after much, much bigger threat. our correspondent chris lawrence is investigating all o
here in the region, we've seen a deterioration in the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia, a chilling effect going on, because the saudis saw the u.s. as supporting the revolutionary movement in egypt and they don't like revolutionary movements going on in this region. >> we will wait and see. thank you very much. >>> thank you very much. we will continue -- wolf blitzer will continue this coverage, very serious story with clearly international implications, "the situation room with wolf blitzer" starts right now. >> brooke, thanks very much. >>> happening now, breaking news. an alleged iranian plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states. two men now charged. one is due in court this hour. >>> we're also following reaction this hour from tehran to riyadh to the white house and beyond. our correspondents around the world are standing by. and the united states is vowing to hold inner accountable, but how? we're working all angles of this major breaking news story right now. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." we're also awaiting a state
.com/preferred. >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. glad are with us. >> i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour. hundreds of protestors out on the streets and some of america's biggest cities across the country angry at wall street and lack of jobs as the president prepares to hit the road again. >>> going, going, gone a lavish symbol of moammar khadafy repressive regime. >> heather: remembering the man with a moving ceremony today. >> a hurricane may have delayed this day. this is a day that would not be denied. for this day we celebrate dr. martin luther king, jr. return to the mall. >> gregg: a monument of stone honoring martin luther king, jr. transformed to a living memorial. kelly wright and joins us live. how are people describing what is certainly a historic day. >> reporter: they were saying this was a historic occasion. thousands of people coming to washington to attend the celebration of dr. king's life, dream and legacy. joyful crowd even going hand in hand as they sang "we shall overcome." a song that became the signature song during the struggle. as the song echoed throughout the
they decided to get a search warrant and they told us the reason they got that is because they wanted to get their legal ducks in a row because the parents have a lawyer and we found out, in fact, on october 17, which was monday, police got a positive hit from a cadaver dog for a scent of a deceased human being on the floor in the room of the parents, which, of course, being deb where bradley and her husband. we are told by the reporter on scene that, in fact, the "hit" was near the bed on the floor near the bed. you recall when they went in for 17 hours over the past two days they brought in x-ray equipment to x-ray the walls and the floors and the pipes and they brought out a number of carpets and bags and, now, we know why. we have been asking all along, why in the world would you get a search warrant when you had full access to the house? to get a search warrant you need to go to a judge and give them a spoke reason why you want to go back in there. now we know that reason. cadaver dog on monday got a scent of a deceased human being. we are in the process of contacting the police and par
computer adaptive tests, but only in grade -- oregon is allowed to use computer adaptive tests, but only in grade level. i want you to use these tests outside the grade level so you can get a real assessment of where the child is at. >> this gets into one of my favorite things as well. i have looked at the test results that parents are given for their kids, and it is not being able to test out of range or out of grade -- it's severely hinders the intermission the parents get. i would like for everybody to look at the reports that kids get across this nation and challenge you if you are not an educated to be able to tell whether that kid is doing well or not. i grew up under iowa basics, and my parents used to get the results from that, and have learned since then that the district was able to buy the results they wanted overall and help people out. but the one thing that really did was your report card came back, and if you were in fourth grade and you might be only reading at third-grade, second- month level. the parents could only be really upset or really happy to figure the
" a very ominous survey on the economy that can really affect each and every one of us. a vast majority of economists surveyed says a whooping eight out of ten businesses say the economy will grow only slightly this year, just 2% or less. that is simply not enough for job growth. jon: the very same survey by the national association for business economics finds companies are not hiring because of sluggish growth projections. 29% of respondents say they expect employment will increase in the next six months. that is the lowest number in nearly two years. but there is even more troubling news as 12% of those businesses polled say the labor market will weaken even more. and that is a big problem given that our national unemployment rate is stuck at more than 9%. jenna: those are the prediction. here is another report, it's far from the only kind of warning we have on the economic front. new fears today about another debt downgrade for the united states. that could happen, according to some reports, within the next month. elizabeth mcdonald with the fox business network is live with the det
using their cars in the first place. it is great to keep as many spaces as possible because everyone still drive their cars. i feel like it is not as important when the purpose is to get people on the bike, like do not worry about the spot because it will work itself out one way or another. people will not be driving as much. one more thing, i was reading about the funding, and there is the -- [bell rings] commissioner buell: that is the 30-second warning. >> the transportation fund for clean air, i feel like that is completely within the realm to support this project. and do it. thank you. >> justin and ike. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is justin. my family and i live in the mission, and we do not own a car, and we get around by bicycle as much as possible. my wife and i take our 3-year- old daughter on bikes, and we go through golden gate park. we're members of the california academy of sciences. we go do there. we go to birthday parties. we use jfk drive to get to ocean beach for beach days. so i am is strongly in support of this project. we need to do everything we can
. now, the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays. >> molly: why now? u.s. and iraqi officials say they couldn't come to an agreement on legal protection, meaning protection from lawsuits for american soldiers stationed in iraq. >> molly, some republicans say this was a failure of diplomacy by the obama administration. there were negotiations for a different scenario, tell us more about that. >> molly: and several presidential candidates say the president and his diplomatic team should have pushed for some kind of agreement to keep a contingent of troops in mc. romney put out a statement the unavoidable question is whether this is naked political kliags or ineptitude in negotiations -- >> and they put out a statement in every case where the united states has liberated a people from dictator's rule we have cut troops to ensure a peaceful transition and protect the fragile growing democracy. >> and costly protracted war in iraq, they say it's strengthened iran's influence but president obama says bringing home the troops will allow the u.s. to focus on rebuilding our own economy.
of sciences. we go do there. we go to birthday parties. we use jfk drive to get to ocean beach for beach days. so i am is strongly in support of this project. we need to do everything we can to make cycling safer, especially in the park. it anywhere in the city, and the park. i really think this will help encourage other families to also use their bicycles as well. so thank you for hearing this issue, and i strongly hope you supported. thank you. commissioner buell: thank you. >> bob. >> i am bob, and i oppose this design as it is now. it has not done adequate safety analysis. plus, it has not really done out reach appropriate for people with energy and functional limitations. having an evening meeting works against people who are transit- dependent. you have to walk a long distance from a bus stop to get there. so to say you had public outreach is somewhat irrelevant to some limited constituencies. i want to remind you of an early slide you showed, the one about chicago, where is working. if you go back to that sly, you'll see that there is a bicyclist in the wide buffer zone. so right away,
road this afternoon. abc 2 news sherral joins us live. >> reporter: we are in the 10,000 block of bird river road right here in middle river. behind us you can see that homicide detectives are outside of this home where we understand an 85 year old woman and an 85 year old man were found dead by a family member this afternoon. joining us now live is a spokes woman. i understand that a note was found inside that home. >> there was a note. this is a married couple. they were found deceased in the living room. there is no foul play suspected in this case. >> reporter: are police calling this a murder suicide? >> that's right. this is an apparent murder suicide. >> reporter: how did the man and woman died? >> they both died from a gunshot wound. >> reporter: the family member i understand went inside that home? >> what we know is that a family member went inside the home and said something was wrong and called 911. the fire engine crew was the first unit to arrive at the scene. as soon as the engine crewed arrived they saw that they were dealing with two people who were dead ins
customers. >> molly, thank you so much. wee appreciate you coming up and taking the time and telling us all about it. your petition is at to give everyone the exact number of how many people you have. 204,931 people signed on to your petition. a way to take charge and make a difference. >> thank you so much? thank you, molly. >>> the bottom line on these fees the reason the banks say they're doing it new rules took effect a week ago which cap how much they can charge using a debit or credit card. they're upping fees on checking accounts to get back to even and way beyond. that's the problem. we went through the numbers and a lot analysts are crunching. only 45% of non-interest checking accounts are 43 now compared to 76% two years ago. banks have been upping fees long before the new regulations they blame now. average atm fees are at a record and have risen each of the past seven years. now, to bank of america. as we told you this week, the investment firm, credit suisse said if bank of america did as they did to molly, it would make more than it did before the regulations. it d
. and here in the u.s., if we stop acting like ds and rs and fighting against each other and start working for the country, it would be better. it's really all about confidence. it's that simple. the economy boils down to it. it will be better than today and the american system works. that will help hiring and hiring means more taxes. there is an amazing statistic we pulled for you. 40% of the deficit will go away. that is because of increasing tax receipts. economic growth, 40% of our deficit, poof. we begin with an on the ground view of when hiring will start. we call it the strike team and told you about it last week. we will tell you about it again. it's a group of 20 ceos, investors and entrepreneurs who report what they see on the ground to us. i pick them because they want to see the economy grow. john chambers is the ceo of dow cisco systems. let's start with the big question out there. it feels like a recession to most of america. the big question is whether we go into a formal double dip. of our strike team, 70% of people said no, a recession is not inevitable right now. what do
>>> good morning, america. this morning, target terror. overnight, the u.s. takes out 17 members of al qaeda in gemmen, including reportedly the son of a u.s.-born cleric, who was considered the most dangerous man in the world until the u.s. took him out three weeks ago. so, is al qaeda on the run? >>> battle on the streets. the crowds occupying wall street clash with police, as they prepare to march throughout new york, across the country, and now, around the world. huge crowds turning out today to protest the banks and corporate greed. how big can they get? >>> abc news investigates. the makers of one of the most popular birth control pills on the market is being sued. one woman alleged it put her into a coma and made her go blind. chris cuomo is on the case with a story that everyone should see. >>> and buzz kill. a starbucks exec said the whole world was just decades away from running out of coffee. how could that possibly be true? could the entire world grind to a halt? what's behind the java jitters? >>> that has to be one of the most frightening previews. it's not even hal
. these retailers know how to lure you in using music, food displays, yummy scents to make you spend more of your dollars and cents. works like a charm. how to avoid the retail traps in "today's consumer. ". >>> natalie is at the news desk with the headlines. >> good morning, matt, savannah and al. tension and arreststs at the occupy wall street protests this morning. mara, good morning. >> reporter: several several arrests and clashes with police during an impromptu celebration march, a victory against the owners of zucotti park where they've been camped out for a month, word came they would not have to evict the park for a cleaning. the park's owners would postpone the scheduled cleaning because they hoped to come to an agreement directly with the protesters. before that announcement was made this morning, up to 1,000 protesters gathered in zucotti park for an early morning rally, an attempt at eviction and attempt to silence them. the occupy wall street protesters have been camped out for a month. the city originally told them they could stay indefinitely then said they'd have to leave tempora
news update. we'll have more on your weather, too. join us for a full >>> good morning. here it comes. the first nor'easter of the season is taking aim, bringing snow, rain and high winds from virginia to maine. the powerful system could impact 60 million people with some areas expected to get more than a foot of snow. >>> new twist in the search for 10-month-old lisa irwin. the parents scheduled a police interview with the baby's missing brothers and one of the lawyers for the family stops working on the case. >>> and bright lights, our holiday extravaganza kicks off. amy and i look for things that go bump in the night. what did we encoter? we'll tell you this coming what did we encoter? we'll tell you this coming saturday, october 29th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. boo. >> and i'm amy robach. didn't work. we felt at moments maybe we weren't alone in that prison. it was dark, it was creepy. i heard things. >> it was one of those what were we thinking things going into this da
a minute. but first, abc's dan harris has the very latest for us from kansas city, for us. good morning, dan. >> reporter: good morning, to you. the parents of baby irwin insist they're fully cooperating with police. they say they take issue with the way they're being treated by detectives. they say investigators have tried to turn them against one another. they have accused the mother of failing a polygraph test. in the three days since their 10-month-old baby, lisa, nicknamed pumpkin pie went missing. >> we were running around the house, screaming for her. >> reporter: her parents, jeremy irwin and deborah bradley, have consistently said she disappeared in the middle of the night. >> please, bring her home. >> reporter: and they have also consistently cooperated with kansas city police. but late thursday, police announced that the parents had suddenly stopped cooperating. does that make you think, does that make the department think, they had something to do with lisa's disappearance? >> again, everything's on the table, as they've been saying for three days now. >> reporter: if they
. it included the assassination of the ambassador to the united states and the is raleigh embassies. u.s. attorney general eric holder said the plan was directed by the iran government. senior administration officials said the u.s. would hold iran accountable but the response would not include the possibility of military action. >> it reads like the pages of a hollywood script and many lives would have been lost. >> reporter: two men have been charged in federal court in connection with the plot. one is under arrest. he's a natural u.s. citizen. they are calling it a fabrication and we talked with an expert here in the bay area and he says he has no doubt iran supported the plot. the senior fellow, he says factions in iran are always guided by the government. he wonders why u.s. officials did not immediately announce a more vigorous response to iran. >> it's as if we're announcing a tennis score of a match instead of saying this is what we're going to do: are we going to the united nations? >> they said america may need to step up response because iran is in his words the most saxe
in the trial of the accused underwear bomber. we're so glad you're with us, everybody. i'm jenna lee. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott 6 "happening now", his name is umar farouk abdulmutallab. the nigerian native representing himself in court assisted by a court-appointed attorney who will apparently deliver the opening statement. jenna? jenna: we'll talk a lot more about that later on in a legal statement we have today. the evidence is stacked high against this 24-year-old who was badly burned in a plane full of witnesses and prosecutors say he told the fbi he was working for al qaeda at the time of the attack that is the situation right now. let's get to mike tobin live outside the courthouse in detroit with the latest. we have a little bit of an idea what the prosecution has to say, mike but what about the defense? >> well, so far the defense hasn't had a very successful day. they have put in two motions trying to block some of this very compelling evidence from getting into court and both of those motions were denied. we do have an idea as far as what the prosecution is going to d
-qaida's deadliest group hit hard again. word of a u.s. drone strike taking out terrorist. including the son of al-awlaki. new details on the strike. and more deadly clashes in the streets of yemen the country's leader slaughters his own people. >> we have shootings in seal beach. >> the chilling 911 call in a southern california hair salon. >> is she still there? >> no, he walked away. >> we'll have more on that call. >> plus, on the hunt for a pair of thieves in drag. >> police are searching for the cross dressing duoon a crime spreen after they hit swanky retailers in manhattan. >> troops in uganda. and president obama said they arrived on wednesday. uganda borders the congo of south sudan. troops will be deploying there. what is the. to find and kill joseph coney. the guerrilla group accused of terrorizing tens of thousands of people. mr. obama said the united states supported military operation. but attempts to take coney out is unsuccessful. and now u.s. forces will be on the ground to provide support. the troops will not engage in battle unless they defend themselves. reaction is mixed. >>
by prescription drugs he was already taken. friday's testimony brought us more fireworks from the witness stand. >>> then an update on that rescue mission from antarctica. renee nicole ducur suffered a stroke in the south pole. it took weeks before they were able to get in there to get her. she's back in the states and we'll tell you how she's doing. >>> and william and kate's baby will succeed to the throne even if it's a girl. we'll have a live report from buckingham palace. >> still newlyweds and we're crowning their kids already. my goodness. >>> a storm is coming into the northeast. how bad are things going to get? nbc meteorologist bill karins is here to tell us more about it. >> good morning, lester. historic. we've never seen a storm like this that has the power to knock out power to this many people and take down this many tree limbs. i'm not concerned with the appalachians and new england. it's the valleys and the hills where the leaves are still on. if you get that heavy snow, you're the ones i'm worried about losing power during the day today. right now, as expected, most of this is
air station in delaware. >>> here is a look at sentinel satellite radar we have clouds over us, high, thin variety, they are filtering the sun or will filter sunshine. and we will see a pleasant day today, that rainfall that you see down there to the south does not impact us today but overnight tuesday into wednesday it starts to move in and then wednesday should be a wet and rainy day for today, warm, sun with some clouds, look for a high today into the upper 70s, yet again. another nice day across the region. that is a look at what is happen being the weather more on what is happening with julie wright. >>> you are not the only one who can serve up a pretty picture. >> oh. >> no, you are not. v dot just moved my pretty picture. >> my plan came to fruition. >>> it was really pretty, zoomed in, a nice shot of the sunrise, beautiful unfortunately v dot moved the camera on me. if you have to make a trip into work there is not many of you that do so it is an easy commute leaving fair oaks, the belt way is running smoothly, southbound along 270 out of german town, lanes are open. it is a
't have the hallmarks of an iranian plot who would normally use hezbollah or hamas, not a member of the zeta drug cartel and not going through a car dealer, a used car dealer down in texas who happens to have both an iranian and american passport. nonetheless, the president saying, again, there will be no dispute over what happened, this was an iranian terror plot and saying that there must be accountability for what iran has done, saying people in the iranian government were, indeed, aware. our chief white house correspondent for fox news channel, ed henry, threw out the first question to the president. he joins us now live from the white house. >> reporter: good afternoon, megyn. the president did not want to touch the question about whether or not this was an act of war by iran. he said he was going to leave that to the attorney general to let the investigation go forward, but interesting the president made very clear to me and everyone in the room and everyone around the world that, in his words, every option is on the table, including the military option. so that is out ther
many large scale attacks on u.s. troops here in kabul. one thing that has happened here in recent months the taliban are focusing much more on spectacular attacks killing afghan government officials and things like this convoy is part of a new trend that we are seeing here in afghanistan as overall violence is beginning to decrease. we're seeing more spectacular attacks. this comes after afghans are beginning to take over security responsibility across the country but already here in kabul, they are response for the security. today's attack is a deadly reminder that the tobacco still strike with violent consequences. the afghan security forces are not yet quite capable and ready to secure kabul let alone the entire country. >> gregg: coner powell, we'll check back with you, thanks. >> heather: in syria, several people are dead following a new government crackdown. security forces apparently launching a new round of raids targeting protestors, killing at least three people. just yesterday 40 others why killed in a demonstration. according to the u.n., so far some 3,000 people have
>>> good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. oakland raiders play in houston this morning. first game without their maverick leader al davis died yesterday at his home he was 82. the raiders released a statement on his website he was an innovator a pioneer with a deep love and passion for the game of football. his contributions to the game are i am numerable, his legacy will endure forever. that legacy has drawn fans to alameda to pay tribute to al davis. abc7's century yeo cantana has more. >> balloons and raiders' jersey. this is what raider nation continue to build. >> i feel like an orphan. i feel like a father of my football team just passed away. >> reporter: the death of al davis has made a rowdy group silent. fans bring flowers and add their signatures to a poster in honor of a man who turned the rough and tumble raiders into more than just a football team. to those devoted fans it's a way of life. >> how long have you been a raider fan, maybe 33 years. >> it's a 50 mile drive from fairfield they made, some decisions by him work with other fans. >> i w
the problem. it is so fixable. european leaders have to follow-through this a debt solution. and here in the u.s., if we stop acting like ds and rs and fighting against each other and start working for the country, it would be better. it's really all about confidence. it's that simple. the economy boils down to it. it will be better than today and the american system works. that will help hiring and hiring means more taxes. there is an amazing statistic we pulled for you. 40% of the deficit will go away. that is because of increasing tax receipts. economic growth, 40% of our deficit, poof. we begin with an on the ground view of when hiring will start. we call it the strike team and told you about it last week. we will tell you about it again. it's a group of 20 ceos, investors and entrepreneur s s who report what they see on the ground to us. i pick them because they want to see the economy grow. john chambers is the ceo of dow cisco systems. let's start with the big question out there. it feels like a recession to most of america. the big question is whether we go into a formal double dip. of o
. and working the story for us. our casey stegall from our west coast bureau. casey, how did this happen? >> harris, we know that this is a dangerous sport. the people involved know that this is a dangerous sport. how did this happen? >> well, it looks like it is just what we're calling it, an accident, a very unfortunate accident in las vegas this afternoon. you know, even seasoned race car drivers say they have never quite seen an accident this bad. 15 cars involved. look at those pictures. some of the cars erupting into fireballs. danica patrick is the first woman to win one of these indy races and she describes the scene as something out of a movie. this happening a little after 1:00 this afternoon at las vegas motor speedway during the indy 300 race. a chain reaction wreck as one of the drivers lost control of his car exiting the second turn on lap 12. you can see that the cars then started sliding into the retaining wall. some of them going airborne. eyewitnesses say one of those vehicles flying right over wheldon's car, number 77, shearing the roof off. look at all the debris from
, the organizers of this event here at freedom plaza are at this hour meeting with representatives of the u.s. park police to determine what happens next now that the four-day permit for the use of freedom plaza expired. before they left, the organizers told this crowd they are going nowhere until they are ready to leave. the organizing group took down the stage where they led rallies, made speeches. they cleaned up freedom plaza. their four-day permit expired last night and were told to leave by 2:00 p.m. >> we haven't gotten threats. we don't think they are going to come in. doing that would be a big mistake. it would result in more people coming to support us. >> reporter: people piled backpacks and bed rolls for safekeeping if they are taken to jail. they have written the phone numbers on their arms to reach legal representatives. they intend to stay. a disabled vietnam veteran is protesting against the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the possibility of your getting arrested? >> 100%. >> reporter: meaning? >> 100% that i will get arrested. >> reporter: do you want to be arrested? >> yes. >> repor
in shock. kristin dahlgren is live for us with the latest. do we know more about a possible motive for why he would enter and kill all those people in cold blood? >> reporter: good morning. police still won't say what they believe the motive to be. i have been talking to people who knew the victims here at the hair salon. they say that scott's ex-wife worked as a stylist here. they tell me she's among those who were killed. the two were involved in a custody dispute over a 7 or 8-year-old son and they were even in court this week in a routine hearing the day before the shooting. again, police say they are still investigating what a possible motive might be. they have now notified all of the eight victims' family members. we are expecting them to release the names of those victims later on today. the family though of the salon owner says that he is among those killed. i spoke earlier with a woman who had been coming here to have her hair done for 30 years. she told us about some of the shock. >> all right. kristen dahlgren, thank you. >>> tomorrow occupy wall street protesters will have to
it in an interview with us earlier this year. >> i feel comfortable in the past half century i've helped to make being gay much, much better now than it was then. >> it's not possible to understate his impact on human rights. >> reporter: d.c. council member jim graham was a close friend who spoke with camady just last week. graham served on the city council as an openly gay man for years and he says he owes his way of life, even his seat on the council, to the efforts made by frank camady. >> i've been elected, reelected three times by my constituents with full knowledge of who i am and that couldn't have happened without the pioneering efforts of frank. >> reporter: camady fought against not nazis in world war ii. he was educated at harvard university. when he was fired from the army service in 1957 for being gay, he led the first gay right protest outside the white house and even petitioned the supreme court. >> he fought harder than anyone i know and he really taught all of us the universal lesson that the greatest really tool in our arsenal, the greatest resource we have in terms of moving
in someone else's pocket. >> it's a very worrisome. we live a lot longer than we used a lot longer than we used to, live past our earning potential. it's a worry. we'll continue to follow this together. carter evans at the nasdaq market site. that's it for "wake-up call" "american morning" begins right now. >>> good morning, i'm alina cho. the death toll in turkey is rising. at least 264 dead. many injured and rescue operations severely hampered by bitterly cold temperature. >>> day of liberation. i'm ali velshi. wild celebrations across libya as the country takes its first big steps toward a future without gadhafi on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, alina. >> it's monday, october 24th. >> there's definitely something wrong with my seat. see this? >> yes, there is. >> right. >> christina and carol are off this morning. welcome to "american morning." his is a very strange seating situation but we have a lot of news to cover. we will fix that momentarily. a mounting situation in eastern tuck u turkey. a dev
's a brave kid. join us for our town hall conversation, "bullying stops here" 8:00 eastern on cnn. that's ut for "360." aaron burnett "out front starts" now. >> we're going to take you to dubai to the world's largest camel ranch. and then italy's economy. it is not doing well. that's an understatement. but we have other things on our mind, seriously. >>> and the bottom line on the banks, thousands of people have signed a petition against bank of america. we talked to the woman who started it. let's go "out front." >> hello, i'm aarerin brurn et. 200,000 people signed a petition ruling against bank of america for the new debit card fee. $5. we've been saying all weeks that the fees banks are putting on people are showing how tone deaf they are at a very bad time. the person who led the petition is 22-year-old molly catchpole. she out front tonight. she is in washington and came to talk us to. we really appreciate you coming in. >> i appreciate it. >> so you and i were talking before. you said you set up this petition just a week ago. >> one week ago. >> and what made you decide to do it? what
-- in communities across our country putting more than 20,000 acres back to productive use. and much of that is urban, but also in rural areas as well. and when you think about that kind of opportunity to havein property available for community use, it's a wonderful gain.a these clean-ups have created more than 72,000 jobs, attracted more than $17 billion in private investment. once brownfields are rehabilitated, they often spark neighborhood revitalization, boost property values and make communities more attractive o places toft live, work and dore business. in my home state of new jersey, elizabeth, a city in our state, used a federal brownfields gran, to help transform abandonederal trillion land into new affordable housing in trenton, new jersey, our state capital. housing. in trenton, new jersey, our state capital, our fish are using brownfields funding to clean up a site where lead asset batteries were once made and stored. the property is safe and usable. hudson county, one of our more crowded counties, is using brownfields funding to attract new investments, that's what we'll
the rest of your headlines. rescue workers in turkey using their bare hands to pull survivors from the rubble after yesterday's powerful 7.2 earthquake. the death toll is 239, expected to rise. close to 800 more are hurt and dozens of buildings were flattened in the eastern part of the country. people still trapped in those buildings, highways have caved in as well. there have been 100 aftershocks since that initial earthquake. one was a 6.0. signs of hope ringing out on the a vigil for a missing baby lisa irwin. >> ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> dozens of people attended the service in kansas city in front of the home where the 11-month-old vanished. lisa's mother cried the entire time clinging by her husband's side. check out it surveillance video at this gas station surveillance video shows a man walking out of the woods near the baby's home the night she disappeared. police also investigating a suspicious dumpster fire that happened in the same area. >> 15 occupy philly protesters arrested for blocking the street in front of police headquarters. anti-corporate
weekend, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight. ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's monday, october 30th, i'm al lynn camerota. it's not a trick, a storm hit the coast. thousands maybe millions waking without power this morning. >> dave: boy what a storm. and president obama issued an ultimatum to republicans saying he we can't wait to pass this jobs bill. >> republicans, they haven't gotten the message. >> dave: what's the president's message, should he bypass congress to get things done. >> clayton: plus, herman cain proving he's got staying power on the cain train. the g.o.p. hopeful now topping two new polls in key states. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> yes, it is, look at that. creepy, spooky morning here on "fox & friends," ooh, a guiel. >> clayton: zombie. >> alisyn: they've been up all night, and on this show, this is what they look like. >> dave: look at the grind we put them through. >> clayton: that's fantastic. >> alisyn: that's skaury. >> clayton: i'm not going to get coffee. >> alisyn: we have a spooky show this morning, everyone, we have lots of gh
today, the author gives us some insight. >> we started focusing on his family again as well, and it was a painful, brutal struggle. and he would talk often to me about the pain. >> we'll hear more from walter isaacson early this monday morning, october 24, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> beautiful sun rooibeautiful on this monday morning. >> nice to have you back. you had a rough week battling illness and we're happy that you're on the mend and here. >> you don't appreciate good health until you've been sick for a long time. it is great to be back. but i missed you guys and missed you at home as well. >>> we begin this morning with the economy. and a new attack on a huge problem. millions of people whose mortgages, up to 1 million, that have mortgages worth more than their homes right now. >> so many people can relate to that, being underwater. and today president obama is unveiling a new plan which would help some of those people refinance and even cut their mortgage bill. nora o'donnell is joining us this morning with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning
the petition is 22-year-old molly catchpole. she out front tonight. she is in washington and came to talk us to. we really appreciate you coming in. >> i appreciate it. >> so you and i were talking before. you said you set up this petition just a week ago. >> one week ago. >> and what made you decide to do it? what made you say i've had enough? >> well, i'm 22 years old. i'm working two part time jobs and i don't have an extra $60 a year to give to bank of america. and i knew that thousands of other americans would feel the same way. >> and so basically they were trying to get you to $5 a month. >> yep. >> and you're someone who you're saying you work two part time jobs out of college. you don't have a huge bank account. >> no. no. >> so -- but did you something, molly that, a lot of people don't do and that is break up with their bank. i don't know anyone that really loves their bank. but you actually -- tell me how you did it? >> yesterday i took all of the signatures -- yesterday i was at 195,000. so we took all of them from we brought them over to the bank that i usually go to d
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